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YingJoy, branding the cosmopolite online bakery!

A few months ago, Fairytale Agency started working with YingJoy Patisserie to help them build their brand.

Handcrafted Paper Scene by Fairytale
YingJoy - Scene accessories created by Fairytale

YingJoy Pâtisserie is held by a talented Taiwanese women who travelled the world to discover the essence of Homemade delicacies.

Conscious about the importance of rethinking the use of sugar and wheat in pâtisserie, with her engineer background, she spend many years elaborating sablés, madeleines and cookies, to name a few, that are suitable for sensitive people whether they need gluten free or low glycemic index sugar.

Among this particularity, YingJoy Biscuits are available mainly as small bites to use like a treat in any moment of the day as well as being the exquisite delicacy to serve to family and friends for teatime and enjoy as a moment of sharing With colleagues during Working hours.

We, at Fairytal, believe that YingJoy image should defined by the essence of the women who build this company, her passion for Paris and Other European cities, her attention To details and her unconditional love For the delicate way of tasting small, creating small bites like treats.

Our proposition was to create a complete universe of paper that YingJoy could use in many different scenes in order to present their delicacies.

This elements can be combined and declined according to the thematic, the season or the support used, wether digital or packaging.

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